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Artist Statement: Ring of Fire

There are 452 volcanoes in a large 25,000-mile horseshoe shape around the Pacific. They are associated with a nearly continuous series of oceanic trenches, volcanic arcs, and volcanic belts and plate movements. This globe pays homage to the raw earthly firepower, the creative hot mineral springs, the land mass creation, and the destructive eruptions and loss of life and livelihood, bringing a clear message of impermanence and cyclical nature of forms and geomorphology.


Alan Leon
Oakland, CA, United States


3D Printing: Ivan Contreras, SOC Printing
Printing File: Ben Diedrich


3D printed globe using Ingeo PLA resin made by NatureWorks and sold as a filament for 3D printing by 3D-Fuel.  Ingeo is made from plants to capture and sequester CO2 and is used to fabricate 3D printing filament.  This globe is 4″ in diameter, lightweight, and durable.  The globe was hand painted by the artist.

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